#17 - Structural Medicine and Integration with Adrienne

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Adrienne inspired me with her personal development practices, ability to connect with other humans at a deep level, and her vision for the future.

Adrienne and I were introduced by Summer Huntington who was a guest on episode 12 of the podcast.

We grabbed a coffee and brought our dogs for a walk and talk.

We hit it off and decided to do a podcast later that week. We met up and did a short movement session while talking about our mutual interest in somatic psychology. Adrienne is a bodyworker who is currently pursuing a 4-year degree in structural medicine, which I believe to be a field that will see massive growth over the next 10-20 years.

The podcast was one of my favorite episodes, in particular, our discussion about how and why so many people are disembodied and the integration process necessary to reach complete embodiment.

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Topics Covered:

Adrienne’s experience with creating her own undergrad curriculum, finding a mentor,

Adrienne’s take on what it means to treat someone like a human – 10 minutes.

Emotional Holding Patterns – 23 minutes

Heart-Opening and why some people struggle to connect with other humans. – 26 minutes

Making people comfortable in a vulnerable position. – 32 minutes

Expressing anger, screaming, and crying – 36 minutes

To view yourself as a complete collection of body, mind, being, energy, a complete combination of all these processes versus the mindset of I have a body, it’s my thing that I may or may not treat well. I have a brain. And kind of objectifying and piecing apart is impersonal. And seeing it as a whole being “I Am” is personal. Both have their place in life, but I can’t thrive in a place that is wholly impersonal. - 47 minutes

You have a limited number of fucks to give. - 63 minutes.

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- Flow State Summit: https://goo.gl/D4tffg

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