#28 – Word Power, Breathing, and Mushrooms with Benjamin Pelton

Releasing this podcast in celebration of Benjamin Pelton’s birthday.

Ben is a polymath and a champion for health and wellness. Ben and I connected at the Flow State Summit and immediately realized that we had a lot of similar interests that needed to be discussed on a podcast. In this podcast, we cover:

  • Ben’s 10-day Super Mushroom Fast experiment. What it’s like to be on mushrooms for 7 days straight, fast from food for 72 hours, and then do mushrooms again.
  • The power of the word to create reality. Why it’s so important to choose your words carefully.
  • The Wim Hof Method, Ben shares his daily practice.
  • Why the Flow State Summit is such a unique event.
  • A couple of my most profound personal experiences with mushrooms and fasting.

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Favorite Quotes:

14 min = “Think like a God, speak like an attorney. It’s really important that you mean what you say.”

30 min – “You create your environment and then it creates you.” Marshall Mcluhan.

Topics Covered:

1 min – Intro of Ben and why he came to Flow State Summit. Tacfit, DNS, Wim Hof Method.

2 min – Childhood developmental kinesiology and psychology and how they relate, and how these influence adult training principles.

5 min – Growing up in Miami, Florida. Growing up in a very mixed culture. Mechanical engineering in prep school, philosophy in university. Lots of sports mixed in.

7 min – What it’s like to go to Episcable (sp?) Christian school starting at age 3.

10 min – I share a mushroom story about learning to rewire mindset via praying. The power of words to manifest things.

15 min – The pros and cons of using vulgarity and when to use it.

18 min – Learning to be social by traveling solo.

20 min – Swimming naked to break through shame of being naked in front of people. Selling weed in high school as a gateway to entrepreneurship. All-american in lacrosse.

24 min – Florida State University. Mechanical engineering, trouble for selling weed, going back to school for philosophy.

26 min – What it’s like to pick up trash on the street in a black and white jumpsuit. Climbing the ranks inside the justice system.

28 min – Be as careful with your words as you are with your actions.

30 min – Perceiving the most accurate version of reality. Phones as an extension of the human nervous system. External biology.

33 min – Ben’s super 10-day mushroom fast. 7 days of being under influence of mushrooms. Performance enhancement. Constant exploration. Seeing the already present reality. Exhaustion and bodily pain after 7 days. Followed by a 72 hour fast – inspired by Ricardo Broberg from episode 15 of the podcast.

38 min – Fasting is like a trip. Then Ben broke his fast by eating the rest of his mushrooms. Ben shares his morning breathing and ice bath routine.     

42 min – Ben shares the mushroom finale after his 10-day superfast. Crying in appreciation for his food. Mind as the ruler of the body. Mind determines when body eats. Servant/ruler relationship.

45 min – My experience with an intense workout, breath work, steam room, cold shower, mushrooms + cannabis, and yin yoga. Then seeing the absolute circle of life.

47 min – Archery hunting on micro dose of mushrooms.

48 min – Ben’s lessons from his super fast.

50 min – My experiences fasting in Colombia. Fasting from negative thoughts.

54 min – Talking about energy. Shamanic energy work via plant medicines and breathing practices and mindset/prayer/mantra.

57 min – Wim Hof – Happiness, strength, health – Mindset, breathwork, and cold training. 40 deep breaths in with a relaxed exhale out. Last breath, hold exhale. Hold as long as necessary. Take a big breath in and hold for 10 seconds. Continue to next round.

59 min – Sharing our experience doing breathwork together in Zepto Space and having a deeply immersive experience.

60 min – Ben sharing his experience training with Wim Hof at his home. Heat shock and cold shock proteins. Heat shock proteins repair and fix broken protein molecules. Comparing the usefulness of each pillar of the Wim Hof Method. Breathing -> Mindset -> Cold.

64 min – Specific Protocols for different ailments. Similar to how doctor prescribes medicine, a breathing coach would prescribe a specific breathing protocols.

66 min – Explaining breathwork like investing in stocks. It’s about long-term return.

Links to follow up on his work:

Instagram: @benpeltonplan

Wim Hof Website