#23 – The Stoic, Mace-Swinging Actor with Ben Walker

Ben and I connected and formed a relationship via Instagram. We had similar interests in things like swinging the steel mace and philosophy. We were both on an extended road trip and crossed paths in Boise, Idaho via episode 22 guest, Zerin Beattie.

In this episode, we chat about Ben’s peculiar spirited nature and how it lead him to becoming an actor, our experiences traveling the country, and we share some of our philosophical beliefs.

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Topics Covered:

-        4:30 – Ben talks about watching his parents refuse to stand up for communion.

-        7:00 – Ben talks about being homeschooled.

-        9:30 – Ben talks about being a “spirited child” how it kept him from fitting into the system.

-        16:00 – Talking about being driven by anger vs inspiration.

-        21:00 – Ben’s crosscountry road trip. “The United States is like 7 countries in itself.”

-        25:00 – Talking about wants vs needs in all areas of life.

-        27:00 – Talking about New York and not knowing anyone in your own apartment building.

-        36:00 – Talking about classic vs romantic approaches to learning.

-        43:00 – Stoicism and how Ben uses it in his acting career.

-        50:00 – Why the giant ground sloths went extinct.

-        51:00 – The problems with the evolution of the neofrontal cortex in humans. The problems with the rational intellect and rationalism/materialism.

-        55:00 – Ben’s best advice that he’s received: “Trust that you are enough.”

-        57:00 – Talking about reactivity and being in the moment in the stage.


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