#11 - Courageous Compassion with Drew Ragan

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I met Drew Ragan at Aubrey Marcus's Go For Your Win meetup in Austin, Texas last year. We chatted a bit and vibed right away. We video chatted a couple times since and had the chance to meet up while I was in Seattle.

Drew's a strength and performance coach, yogi in training, and a father on a quest to be as integrated and conscious as possible in order to do his work and serve in the world.

This podcast is short, because we had to get to a kundalini yoga class, but very very powerful. Drew and I are on the same page with so many ideas that we just bounced back and forth off of each other. Drew is one of the most courageous and compassionate people that I've met. Don't miss this episode!

I put together a video of my week surrounding this interview and the time that I spent hanging out with Drew with a tidbit from the podcast. Click the picture below to watch the video.

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