#15 - Hunt, Harvest, Health with Ryan + Hillary Lampers

Since I started this podcast, I’ve been wanting to have an in-depth conversation about the negative way that hunting is portrayed in the media and what it really is and what kind of people make up the hunting community.  This episode is just that.

I sit down with Ryan + Hillary Lampers of the Hunt, Harvest, Health Podcast. It's one of my favorites. It's long and full of so many life lessons and stories.

[Stay tuned for a video of me hanging out with the Lampers]

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Topics Covered:

5 minutes – We compare the ecitement of traveling and backcountry hunting adventures and how this is the Heroic Journey from a mythological view.

12 minutes – Ryan and Hillary talk about finding a balance between entrepreneurial projects and living life.

20 minuteish – Ryan talks about learning about the outdoors from his father and how he’s learned preparation, work ethic, and patience from hunting.

37 minutes – Hillary shares her story of her adolescent struggles with God, her experience with a Shaman from Chile, her Native American Sun Dance, and how it led her to be a naturopathic doctor and podcaster.

65 minutes – How people show their shadow side on social media because they lack a ceremonial outlet.

90 minutes – The Mission behind Hunt Harvest Health.

95 minutes – We discuss the image of hunting created by Hollywood and how wrong it is.

106 minutes – Hillary talks about the bridge between hunters and anyone who cares where their food comes from.