#16 - Self-Education, Peak Performance, and Recovery with Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson is a performance architect. He’s one of the most sought after performance coaches in the world. He works with lots of high-end professional athletes, in particular, combat and mma fighters like Demetrious Johnson. He’s incredibly versed in the sciences behind conditioning, recovery, the autonomic nervous system, and heart rate variability.

Favorite Quotes:

"I’ve always found that I learn much better when I’m learning the things that I want to learn. I’ll dive 100 percent into the things that I want to learn. I hate being forced to learn things that I don’t see the value in. Most people are surprised that I don’t have a Ph.D or any sort of real formal education, but I’ve taught myself." – 7:30

":You’ve got to make fitness enjoyable on some level, if you’re going to do it over the long haul." – 11 minutes

“There’s two approaches to learning. One is to get really good at something and re-enforce it. The second is to find your weakness and try to improve it. I hate sucking at something so I go 100% into not sucking anymore.” – Paraphrase. 14 minutes.

“I enjoy the challenge of going from sucking at something to getting good at it.” – 15 minutes

“No matter how much you know, there’s way more that you don’t know that you can learn and study and get better at. Especially in regard to the human body, you’re never going to know. It’s so complex. It’ll never be understood, at least in my lifetime.” – 17 minutes.”

“The people that know the most are the first to admit when they don’t know something.” – 18 minutes.

“The fitness changes don’t happen at the gym. They occur between workouts.”

“You cannot exceed your bodies limits.”

Topics Covered:

Taekwondo as a kid and then advanced to football. Belt system taught him to work toward a tangible goal – focused on improving to get to something. People need goals, without them it’s easy to get lost. Balance short + long term goals. Expectation Management. – 3 minutes

Convinced his mom that he didn’t need to go to 8th grade because he didn’t think it mattered. Played video games and slept a lot instead. School was boring and came easy. – 6 minutes

Forcing structure on someone can devalue the experience. - 9:30 minutes

Joel’s process for self-education. – 12 minutes

Joel’s mentors – Bill Galecbie strength coach at University of Washington. Bill was a powerlifter who still wanted to keep learning despite his experience. He encouraged Joel to share what he was learning with him.

The story of how Joel’s seemingly healthy mother had a stroke and how that led him to his research on the importance of recovery. – 21 minutes.

What most people get wrong with their conditioning. Dynamic Energy Control. - 27 minutes.

The Autonomic Nervous System. – 31 minutes

8weeksout.com, BioForce Heart Rate Variability measurement which was one of the first HRV measurement apps, Morpheus - 38:30 minutes

A critique of the idea of mental toughness. – 44 minutes

BioForce Certified Conditioning Course Certification. – 46:30 minutes.

The best advice Joel has received: Never stop learning. Never stop improving. You don’t know it all. – 49 minutes

What Joel is learning now, professionally – 51 minutes.

Joel talks about learning to fly a helicopter and how his understanding of the body is helping him to be a better pilot. – 57 minutes.

My experience with ecstatic dance and how it teaches you to relax and let go of inhibition.  – 60 min.

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