#14 - Trauma-informed Healing with Josephine Edmondson

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My friend Drew Ragan, from episode #11 of the podcast, brought me to a 2-hour kundalini workshop led by Josephine. I had a transformational experience and invited Josephine to be on the podcast.

Josephine describes herself as being extremely sensitive, emotional, and tender.

We had a bit of a struggle dropping into a flow at the beginning because my puppy Apollo was wreaking havoc in the van. We both get more comfortable as the podcast progresses and this episode gets more and more entertaining as it goes along so stay with it until 20 minute mark, for sure.

A few highlights from the podcast:

Her protocol for preparing to teach a Kundalini workshop. (11 minutes)

My experience at Josephine’s Kundalini Barbeque. (13 minutes)

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s an energetic practice. Everything happens much faster than other yogas because of all the breathwork, mantras, mudras, and the gaze of the eyes. (15 minutes)

Kundalini makes you more sensitive in a good way. It makes you able to understand the positive and negative much faster. Your senses are just so much more dialed in. (22 minutes)

“Breath of Fire” practice. (22 minutes)

I’m a healer because I’m doing my own work to heal myself. We are all healers. We all were born with the ability and capacity to help ourselves and others. (33 minutes)

Dealing with trauma by digging deep and finding its source. (38 minutes)

Limitations of talk therapy and getting stuck in loops. Choosing your own story. Breath work brings up old energy and trauma related to your victim story and allows you to release it to make room for a new story. (41 minutes)

The people doing healing work are the ones that have hit rock bottom and been to the really dark places. Somehow we’ve had the tools and people come into our life to guide us out of it. (45 minutes)

It’s your responsibility as a human being on this planet to create the right conditions for you to show up and do what you are meant to do here. That is going to take a lot of effort and be really hard and no one is going to fix it for [you]. Sitting down every day and connecting with yourself every day, weather its surfing or writing or meditating, don’t miss a day. (End)



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