#27 - Becoming a Mace-Swinging Savage with Leo Savage

How does a person go from growing up surrounded by poverty, drug addiction, and gangs to becoming a professional martial artist to swinging a steel mace for 5 hours per day and traveling the country teaching Steel Mace Workshops? It’s certainly an interesting story and you can hear it on this episode of the Reality Tunnels Podcast.

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Topics Covered:

1 min – Leo talks about the origins of the name “Savage” and how he tried to change his name.

2 min – Leo reflects on The Flow Sate Summit.

3 min – Talking about self-expression and dealing with depression, fear, and nervousness by articulating it.

4-10 minutes – Discussing flow state summit, acroyoga on the floating dock, the presentations from circus to mace, DJ’s at night, etc.

11 min – Talking about the Wim Hof Method. Seeing colors when flowing with steel mace and during Wim Hof breathing.

14 min – Beginning of Leo’s story. Growing up in New Mexico, family drug addiction, being raised by his grandma around drug dealers and gangsters and racism.

18 min – Being your own best friend, being creative, martial arts, finding male role models.

19 min – Leo got his first tattoo at 14 when his uncle gave his coke dealer some coke to tattoo him with his homemade gun.

21 min – Leo discusses his mentors. Mr. P was his special ed teacher, taught him about math, and put him in martial arts. Leo tells the story of running into him later in life.

27 min – Pursuing professional mixed martial arts and bartending. What it’s like in the locker room before a fight. What it’s like to prepare for a fight.

32 min – The weight loss cycles perpetrated by the fitness industry.

34 min – How Leo started training with the mace and how it evolved into a 5-hour per day practice mixing fitness and martial arts.

37 min – Cannabis as a master plant teacher. Using cannabis to create flow through yoga and swinging clubs.

39 min – Talking about the spiritual aspects of circles and how they lead to self-actualization. Swinging the mace in circles, sacred hoops, mandalas, circle of life, etc.

42 min – Leo discusses traveling the world doing mace workshops. Wanting to work for Onnit and continue to inspire, educate, and put mace in hands.

49 min – Talking about the opening ceremony of the Flow State Summit.

51 min – A rundown of the Steel Mace Flow program.

Links to follow up on his work:

IG: leo__savage

Steel Mace Flow Online Video Course

Promo: Leo199