#25 - Shut up and Swing Clubs with Mark Wildman

Mark Wildman and I connected at Flow State Summit.  Mark coaches everything from tactical fitness and aerial silks to physical combat and sword fighting. He's currently on set training actors for the new Wonderwoman movie in London, but made the time to fly over to Washington for the FSS. 

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Favorite Quotes:

13 min – “If one more guy asks me about my intentions, I’m going to black him out.”

29 min – “Me and my dad will roof a house without saying a word.”

49 min – “Shut up and do it.” “It’s just like riding a horse.”

62 min - “We need to do that thing that makes us uniquely human. That thing is to swing levers.”

Topics Covered:

1 min – Mark describes his long journey to The Flow State Summit.

4 min – Discussing our transitions from small towns to big cities. City dwellers lack context on simplicity. Mark knows a lot about art.

7 min – Mark’s take on the Bagavaad Gita (Sp?)

10 min – Mark shares his Christian Upbringing – “A Christian’s version of a nightclub on Sunday morning.”

12 min – “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Mark and I break down this quote and how it’s been misinterpreted.

15 min – Mark talks about lacking social skills for most of his life due to growing up in the middle of nowhere.

17 min – Mark talks about showing up at USC dressed in black with knives and axes and listening to metal music. Mark graduated from USC with an engineering degree.

19 min – Mark’s advice – Be nice to everyone and stay calm even if they get emotional.

21 min – Mark breaks down the Hollywood hierarchy system.

24 min – Mark shares his best punishment as a kid.

27 min – How to chop wood to get woke.

31 min – Mark tells the story of being taught how to handle social situations by a group of actor friends.

35 minutes – How Mark engineers his training programs.

38 min – Mark’s experience at a big box gym.

41 min – The benefits of clubbell training.

49 min – The best advice that Mark has received.

54 min – Talking about how carhart was the coolest brand when we were young.

57 min – Learning to swing a sledgehammer before a mace.

59 min – Why you should swing clubs.

66 min – The program that Mark is currently working.

Links to follow up on his work:

IG: @markwildman

Website: https://www.wildmanathletica.com/

Youtube: Mark Wildman

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