#26 - Sheath Underwear, Timewheel, and Something Fiction with Matt Xian + Robert Patton

Matt Xian and I originally connected in Austin, Texas and have stayed in touch ever since. By chance, we ended up parking next to each other at the Flow State Summit. Bobby Patton, Matt’s brother and CEO of Sheath Underwear, joined us for a podcast. These two have a killer mindset that has granted them great success in their entrepreneurial ventures. A wide-arranging and entertaining conversation.

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Favorite Quotes:

5 min – “I’m starting to break the barriers of what I’m comfortable with. I’m opening my mind to the world as a place that is ever challenging your beliefs and inspiring you to grow past what you are comfortable with, and evolve essentially.” – Matt

18 min – “Writing something down is a spell.” – Bobby

Topics Covered:

-        1 min – Introducing Robbyy and Matt.

-        2 min - Flow State Summit – overall impression. Bunch of movement workshops and music. Discussing the nudist swimming spot. 

-        5 min – Opening the mind to a new way of looking at the world. Overcoming challenge and evolving.

-        8 min – Fear and love. Going out of your comfort zone is a medicine.

-        11 min – Matt and Bobby are getting a Sprinter, inspired by Reality Tunnels, to travel and integrate into communities.

-        13 min – Matt and Bobby’s relationship growing up.

-        17 min – Book Recommendations from Matt + Bobby: Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, 4-Hour Workweek, The Science of Getting Rich

-        20 min – Habit change and the importance of changing your environment.

-        25 min – Spirituality is a sheath that can protect you. Putting up an energetic vibe to protect yourself from others– kosha. The levels of the aura/ energy field.

-        27 min – The origin story of Sheath.

-        32 min – Make something for yourself first and others will appreciate it. My creative process. Pressure makes the diamond.

-        37 min – Sheath has sold over a million dollars of underwear since it was formed. They give it away knowingly that people will go home and buy more.

-        41 min – Philosophy of business compares with Viking war ethic. Once you’re in, there is no retreat.

-        43 minutes – Matt’s band, Something Fiction. Matt’s first psilocybin experience. What’s going on? Why am I having a mystical state? What does this mean?

-        47 min – Matt’s music label, Timewheel.

-        53 min – Most impactful advice that both Bobby and Matt have received. Stand up straight – Bobby. Get the fuck out of San Antonio, and move to where your skillset is in demand – Matt.

Links to follow up on his work:

Matt Xian – Something Fiction, Timewheel, Sheath - FB + IG + Twitter: @timewheel and @somethingfiction

Robert Patton – @bobbythebank - CEO Sheath Underwear – Sheathunderwear.com

-  Promo code – Sheath to save 30%