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Meal Prep 101

I recently asked my readers about their number one fitness struggle. There were a lot of different answers - some that I expected and some that blew my mind. Losing fat and building endurance were common but meal prep was number one. This makes sense because proper nutrition is the number one factor in body composition transformation. 

In fact, research shows that nutritional guidance can improve body composition change threefold when compared to high-intensity training alone. That's the difference between losing 10 pounds and losing 30 pounds. This is why I offer a 12-month nutrition curriculum, with weekly habits and daily lessons, for anyone that wants to get 3 times the results. Click here to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Meal prep doesn't have to be a struggle. It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. In this video, I'll take you through a sample meal prep. 


Add Meal Prep to Your Weekly Routine

Choose a time this week to set aside a couple hours for meal prep. For most people, Sunday Evening works great. 

Once you decide on the time, create a menu. You can use the exact one that I used in the video above, or you can do something completely different. It's your life and your fitness journey. You'll have more fun and be more likely to stick with it, if you get creative. I like to make at least one small change every week.

Now that you have a menu, it's time to make a shopping list. This should be pretty simple. For the most part, you'll need a couple lean protein sources, some healthy fats, and some fruits/vegetables.

At this point, there's nothing left but to do the damn thing. If it's your first time, you might get a little anxious about messing something up. Just recognize this feeling and do it anyway.


Extra Credit

Let's talk about buying-in to change. The concept is simple; if you invest your money and time into something, you're far more likely to stick with it.
If you want to successfully integrate meal prep into your life, then BUY-IN.

A good start is to invest in a nice Tupperware set. You'll feel cooler than a first grader with a brand new Star Wars Lunch Box. Every time you see it, you'll remember your commitment to prepping healthy meals.

Or, invest in yourself and sign-up for my nutrition curriculum. I've partnered with Precision Nutrition, the number one online nutrition company in the world, to bring you a 12-month habit-based nutrition curriculum. I am currently offering limited-time only discounted rates. Click here for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.


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