#20 - Dirty Mike the Movement Shaman with Micheal Zwack

This episode consists of a lengthy dive into the story of my friend Micheal Zwack. Mike has traveled with me quite a bit over the past months. We chat about football as a rite of passage, athlete's depression, and the relationship between spirituality and egotism. This is a very playful podcast that turned out to be one of the best yet. Listen.

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Favorite Quotes:

26 minutes – “Football taught me that just because you didn’t accomplish your goal doesn’t mean that you didn’t reach the top of the mountain.”

35 minutes – “Podcasts. That’s where I really got my education.”

36 minutes – “I want to absorb so much and express it in a way that it helps everyone and myself as much as possible.”


Topics Covered:

0 minutes – Me and Mike do a horrible freestyle rap.

4 minutes – Mike’s families metaphysical beliefs and his childhood

9 minutes – Being an empath.

10 minutes – Football as a rite of passage.

15 minutes – Mike and I talking about our approaches to nutrition.

21 minutes – Mike talks about he-man, the most powerful man in the universe.

25 minutes – More about football and its aftermath. Athletes depression.

32 minutes – Mike’s education and his experience in the fitness industry.

36 minutes – Educating yourself with podcasts and then learning to write and speak. Getting in-person mentors.

42 minutes – Talking about longevity and durability and maintaining your health and fitness into age. Moving to circular strength from basic meathead weightlifting. Indian Clubs, clubbells, Mace Clubs, and flow-based training.

58 minutes – I share a poem: The 7 Generations. And talk about a vision that I had.

64 minutes –We play and discuss an excerpt of Alan Watts talking about Jung’s take on ego.

72 minutes – Talking about the lack of the wise elder in our society.

75 minutes – The meek shall inherit the earth re-interpretaded.

78 minutes – We tell the story of how my Sprinter was almost broken into by a zombie and Dirty Mike came to the rescue. Mike also explains what Shadow People.

84 minutes – Talking about moving from shadow people to upper class in the same day.

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