#18 - Heroic Movement with Rafe Kelley

Rafe Kelley is a movement teacher that helps people to become the most heroic version of themselves. He has a background in evolutionary biology, anthropology, and martial arts. He was an early adopter of parkour, founding the third parkour gym in North America.

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Favorite Quotes:

-        “What matters in your life is not what you externally output but how that affects you internally.” 21:15

-        “The external can be a pathway into flow that is incredibly addictive and powerful and teaches you how to operate effectively in the world.” – 26 minutes

-        “Internal focuses are great for shifting how you experience the world and external focuses are great for increasing your capacity to act, to give you agency in the world.” 33 minutes

-        “We have more affluence, safety, and resources available to us than people have ever had and yet rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide are all going up. We’re living in an environment that is changing so rapidly that we don’t have the ability to start generating effective behavioral solutions to it.” - 49:30 minutes

-        “The fundamental question that we have as a society is no longer “how do we make stuff” but how should we act as a species in order to survive.” - 57 minutes

Topics Covered:

-        4-7 minutes – Rafe’s upbringing, his experience growing up in a hippie community, and homeschooling to deal with dyslexia and adhd.

-        7-14 minutes – Using intrinsic motivation to guide people with ADHD. The “Play Circuit” of the brain. A common trait amongst spree killers is that they were denied play as children.

-        14-19 minutes – Rafe’s history with martial arts. Akido as a practice of self-cultivation. Internal vs External martial arts.

-        19- minutes – Embodied philosophy. Living a more vivid and rich life. Becoming more deeply connected with your body, your tribe, and nature. More on internal vs external arts.

-        25-30 minutes – Rafe’s process for preparing for a difficult jump. The ability to exit the internal world and tap into flow in the external world. Flow. More Internal vs External.

-        30 minutes – There are different nervous system pathways for low and high intensity movement. Phase Transitions – Franz Boss

-        37 minutes – Tim Leary’s 8-circuit model of consciousness.

-        40 minutes- 45 minutes– What is truth? Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris. Rational Materialism. David Hume and the problem of being unable to make a value judgment based on science and the facts. Pragmatic Truth – truth is what works and is operational.

-        45 minutes- 50 minutes – The dangers of Artificial Intelligence and the problem of rooting moral/value systems. More affluence and yet more suicide, anxiety, and depression.

-        51-53 minutes – Technology blowing out cultural institutions. “Death of God” most potent example.

-        54-57 minutes – The evolutionary function of the idea of God and the repercussions of doing away with it. We’re so powerful that if we don’t get our values right, we’ll destroy ourselves.

-        58 minutes- 61 minutes – The obsolescence of labor - Technology making unskilled workers unemployed. Universal Basic Income and the problems with it. We need more games that people can play in order to gain resources.

-        61 minutes – The hero’s journey and how it relates with movement. Movement teaches us the ability to act in the world. It’s fundamental to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Things audience should know:

-        This episode is based heavily around some pretty deep ideas. Most of them are explained in the podcast itself.

Links to follow up on Rafe’s work:

o   Evolvemoveplay.com

o   Facebook – Rafe Kelley

o   Youtube – Rafe Kelly

o   Return to the Source – 7-day Workshop