#19 - The Wim Hof Roundtable with Ricardo Broberg, Luis Hernandez, and Jason Elkins

Ricardo Broberg is a level 3 Wim Hof Instructor and self-proclaimed bro-scientist. Ricardo and I hung out for the better part of a week doing different movement practices, Wim Hof breathing methods, and cold/heat exposure. Luis and Jason sit in on the podcast and share some tidbits.

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Favorite Quotes:

-        19:50-20:30 – It’s the only thing that I wanted to do all the time. Talking about skiing all around the world.

-        35:50 – As you become more aware of the world, it gets harder to get back into that timelessness. That’s true bliss, 100 percent pleasant, mindfulness, whatever you want to call it.

Topics Covered:

-        10 minutes – Talking about the new van life culture now vs the hippy culture of the 60’s.

-        14 minutes – The problem of using science to explain things away instead of experiencing them for yourself.

-        15 minutes – Ricardo’s experience living in a Tipi on a hippie commune as a child.

-        19 minutes – Ricardo talks about his gypsy lifestyle and settling down in Bellingham, Washington.

-        23 minutes – Ricardo talks about wrecking on a ski jump, breaking his ankles, and being handicapped for 3 years.

-        26 minutes – How Ricardo discovered the sauna and a cold stream as a means for treating his ankles. Then he re-created this at his home. Only after this did Ricardo discover the Wim Hof Method.

-        30 minutes – Ricardo’s story about when he met Wim Hof.

-        34 minutes – Talking about the timeless state that can be achieved through the Wim Hof Method.

-        35 minutes – Having transcendent experience with the Wim Hof Method.

-        37 minutes – Ricardo explains the how the Wim Hof breathing method works.

-        40 minutes – We talk about all the different breathing techniques and all the purposes of each one.

-        45 minutes – Disclaimer not to do the breathing methods when in the water.

-        48-55 minutes – Jason rants on the intensity of the experience and how it difficult it is.

-        60 minutes – Luis needs the bathroom and we break down the van life method for using the bathroom.

Things audience should know:

First, the Wim Hof Method is a combination of breathing techniques, meditation, and cold immersion that teaches you a higher level of control of your own body. It allows you to influence the Autonomic Nervous System – which for the longest time has been believed to operate automously outside of the individual’s control, hence the name, Autonomic Nervous System.

The Autonomic Nervous System has two branches. The Sympathetic Branch sometimes simplified as “The fight, flight, or freeze” system. This is the body typical response to a surprising or threatening situation. It has a whole host of hormones and chemicals associated with it.

The second branch is the Parasympathetic or “Rest and Digest” system. This is the system that the body defaults to when there is no apparent stress, when you are sleeping or resting.

One of the biggest reasons behind so many of the health issues in the world today is that most people are spending way too much time in the sympathetic, fight or flight system, and way too little in the parasympathetic, rest and digest system.

The second is thing that you should know is what Kundalini Yoga is. I advise you to listen to podcast #14 with Josephine Edmondson for more on this. In this podcast, we reference some of the breathing techniques from Kundalini Yoga. Also, the term Kundalini, in ancient yogic teachings, signifies a serpent-like goddess that lives at the bottom of the spine. Through various means, this goddess can be awoken and give the individual experiencing the awakening a whole new level of energy and embodiment. It’s a whole philosophy and lifestyle of it’s own so it would be impossible for me to describe it fully but I hope this gives you the information that you need to understand some of this conversation.

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