#29 - Sacred Hunting with Joshua Walters - and the story of my 2018 archery bull

Synchronicity connected me with Joshua Walters a week after I set the intention to learn more about the spiritual side of hunting.

This podcast starts with me performing a short song with my flute, sharing the story of my first archery bull, Joshua playing the guitar, and then a podcast on sacred hunting.

If the word hunting triggers any emotion for you, positive or negative, I encourage you to give this podcast a listen. This is one of the best episodes that I've put out and I hope you enjoy it.

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Favorite Quotes:

“I don’t know the way forward for our culture, but I do know that we as a culture need to come back to hunting and honoring the life that it giving [life.]” – 35 min

“When I die, I hope to push up some grass to support the animals that live around me.” – 41 min

“If you’re eating, life is being taken regardless. No one is above the circle of life.” – 42 min

Topics Covered:

2 min – Josh covers his lineage and how important it is to him to recognize where he came from.

4 min – How Josh and I met. I was running on almost no sleep coming from the flow state summit.

7 min – Josh talks a bit about growing up as a Jehova’s Witness.

8  min – What Josh learned from spending so much time outdoors and living in 24 different homes in his childhood.

13 min – Josh shares the hunting tradition of his family. The desire to kill at a young age. The story of his first kill – a robin with a rock. The emotional feeling of the responsibility for taking a life.

17 min – The story of Josh’s first whitetail buck and the emotional outburst that he felt.

19 min – Josh transforming the way that he hunts.

20 min – The instinctual energies that come out in the process of individuation. The necessity of an appropriate container for the aggressive and sexual energies.

23 min – Josh searching for his path and breaking free from the belief system that was forced on him. Buying a VW bus and heading for California. Overcoming victim mentality and taking responsibility for who he is.

26 min – How I got back into hunting after taking psilocybin for the first time. Then harvesting my first bull. And all the emotions that came out with that experience.

30 min – The transformation of consciousness from taking a life to praying for an animal to give its life. A story of the grouse hunt that created this transformation in  Josh’s way of viewing hunting.

34 min – Where is my heart space? Am I in proper relationship with the world around me?

36 min – The law of the conservation of consciousness.

39 min – Allowing life to happen vs forcing it to happen.

44 min – The intention behind hunting, making eye contact with the animal, processing the meat yourself, and sharing it with your community.

48 min – Dealing with issues of self-worth. How to come to right relationship with the world through hunting.

55 min – Talking about the formation of the shadow, the sacred cuts, and the path of individuation.

Connect with Joshua Walters via email: joshualancewalters@gmail.com