#12 - Flow State with Summer Huntington

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Summer Huntington taught me how to swing a 10-pound steel mace while dancing.

She's a master of human movement (I don’t just throw around phrases like that either; her understanding of biomechanics is really incredible.)

We chat about the Flow State Summit that Summer is hosting this July. If you want to meet me (or Summer) in person, the Flow State Summit would be a great opportunity.

Summer hooked up the listeners of the podcast with half priced tickets. Click here to take advantage. ($299)

Other topics we venture into: Clubbell yoga, flow state, burning man, the neuro-immuno-endocrine response and why it matters, a quick guided partner meditation, how she got robbed in South America, her experience with San Pedro, etc.

We had a killer time hanging out, swinging the steel mace, practicing handstands, and working with the rad roller. This podcast takes place less than 24 hours after I first met Summer, but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time.

Good vibes here with a great mixture of science and the esoteric, mostly in relation to movement, but also in relation to living a boss lifestyle. Thank you for being on the show, Summer!

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Instagram: @summerhuntington