#30 –Living with Vision and Purpose with Tim Corcoran –Twin Eagles Part 1

Tim Corcoran was recommended to me as a podcast guest long before I even had a podcast. Tim, and his wife Jeannine, started Twin Eagles Wilderness School - a type of place that seems like it came straight out of a dream from a couple of visionary people. This is part 1 of a 2 part podcast. Tim has a really interesting story and you can tell that he's done his best to mine as much wisdom from it as possible. Check it out and don't miss part 2 where Jeanine and a couple teens from camp pitch in to help tell the story, coming soon!

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Favorite Quotes:

·       “We must initiate the boys or they will burn the village down.” African Proverb

·       “We are all connected.”

·       “A man not living his vision is not living at all.”

Topics Covered:

·       2 min - Tim talks about growing up in South Bend, Indiana and his childhood there. Being a fireball.

·       4 min – Where is all this headed? What do I have to look forward to?

·       8 min – Tim talks about being sensitive as a child and feeling things deeper.

·       9 min – Tim realized that society wasn’t designed for people to really understand and live a purposeful and meaningful life.

·       10 min – Knowing something vs being able to articulate it. The compass of the heart.

·       13 min – The birth of consciousness that occurs during adolescence and why it requires initiation.

·       15 min – Playing chicken with the train, gangs, sex, etc. as a self-created initiated.

·       19 min – How a divorce can force an adolescent into independence. The shadow side of drugs and alcohol and how it can limit presence. Awakening due to psychedelics.

·       21 min – Key mentor in Tim’s life – Intro to Shamanism.

·       26 min – Common death bed regrets. How a near-death experience drove Tim to help find his deepest purpose and taught him how to live.

·       30 min – Tim’s experience moving to a Navajo reservation the day after college graduation.

·       35 min – How Tim landed a job on the reservation and connected deeply with the culture.

·       40 min – Being acknowledged by the Navajo elders and people. Direct vs indirect communication. Being torn between love and his dream.

·       46 min – Being vs Doing. The obsession with doing that our world has gone crazy with. Universal teaching of need to balance both of these.

·       50 min – Choosing love and moving to be with the women, who became his wife, Jeannine.

·       52 min – Permanent Agriculture – Tim + Jeannine’s attempt at a Permaculture community.

·       56 min – Connecting with the archetype of provider, being disconnected from basic human needs.

·       59 min – Tim and Jean deciding to go to Tracker School in New Jersey.

Links to follow up on his work: