#22 - Mindfulness, Martial Arts, and Plant Medicine with Zerin Beattie

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Five Things that I learned in this podcast:

·       By naming a sensation, we take on all of the connotations of that name. Sometimes it’s better to breathe through a sensation than to name it.

·       To heal yourself is to heal the world.

·       We are the oscillation between Spirit and Matter. We are where Heaven and Earth meet.

·       Body language and word choice is an external expression of your internal self.

·       "If you’re taking longer than you thought you would, you’re probably on the right path." - Taoism


Topics Covered:

·       2 minutes - Zerin’s religious upbringing. Taking inspiration with Bruce Lee.

·       6 minutes – Zerin talks about being sensitive and empathetic as a kid and dealing with anger through martial arts and golf.

·       10 minutes – Feeling aggression without letting it become reactive in the form of anger. Maintaining control through meditation, breathing.

·       14 minutes – The relation between the individual and the tree of life. The part and the whole.

·       16 minutes – Zerin’s Muay Thai fight in Las Vegas. Zerin’s lower back pain and how it encouraged him to transition from lifting to real health.

·       19 minutes – Talking about rhythm between day/night, the four seasons, mini-seasons in each season, etc. and how it all relates to a song.

·       23 minutes – Adding intention to what you do. Stool analogy. Why ritual is so important to me.

·       26 minutes – Zerin’s experience with University – playing golf on scholarship, business and communication.

·       30 minutes – Zerin talks about his mecca to Peru to do an Ayahuasca Ceremony at SpiritQuest. Healing yourself IS healing the world. The unity of the internal and external world.

·       34 minutes – Logos and Eros as the two foundational principal energies that make up the universe. People that focus on raising their consciousness end up becoming unrooted.

·       38 minutes – Being overly optimistic is more harmful than benficial. Realism is the middle way.

·       40 minutes – The foundation of Xpand is helping people find where they truly are, their foundation, using mindfulness and sensation. Zerin’s trip to Asia and his 10-day silent retreat.

·       46 minutes – On the Warrior’s Path – Danielli Bolleli. Zerin recommends this book to the audience.

·       49 minutes – Synchronicity that I had with Blaine regarding two book, Ishmael and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

·       51 minutes – Zerin explains what his business Xpand and how it is attempting to evolve consciousness as a whole.

·       57 minutes – Anything that bridges between the physical and metaphysical is a Chakaruna “Bridge.”

Links to follow up on his work:

·       www.xpandyourself.com

·       Instagram: @xpandyourself

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