#25 - Shut up and Swing Clubs with Mark Wildman

#25 - Shut up and Swing Clubs with Mark Wildman

Mark Wildman grew up in rural Ohio on an equestrian therapy horse farm. He learned the value of health at a young age, while watching his mother work with kids who suffered from autism, paralysis, and degenerative diseases like cerebral palsy. Mark is passionate about coaching fitness and circular strength training. He is always finding new ways to apply his knowledge of training science. Mark’s passion for design and aesthetic beauty is evident in the results of his coaching of tactical fitness, aerial fabric, physical combat, and sword fighting. Mark is based out of Los Angeles, California. His main client base is professional athletes and the Hollywood elite.  Mark has been contracted to travel around the world and train some of Hollywood biggest stars for various A list movies.

#22 - Mindfulness, Martial Arts, and Plant Medicine with Zerin Beattie

#22 - Mindfulness, Martial Arts, and Plant Medicine with Zerin Beattie

Zerin Beattie is the founder of Xpand - a health/movement business that it is intent on expanding consciousness. Still in his 20's, Zerin has traveled to the Amazon for plant medicine ceremonies, completed a 10-day meditation retreat in Korea, and competed in a Muay Thai fight in Las Vegas.

In this conversation, we discuss life and reality itself and bounce ideas off each other to further our own understanding.

#21 - Harmony and the Middle Way with Blaine Brignell

This was a very special connection and conversation for me. Blaine and I were connected by our mutual friend Nate Green. We knew almost nothing about each other before we met. We shared a meal and a movement practice before recording this podcast.

We synced up on the same wavelength really quickly and had one of my favorite episodes yet. I know that I say that a lot but I mean it each time. These conversations just keep improving in my opinion.

We start with a discussion on movement that quickly dives into metaphysics, values, and the art of the middle way.

Thank you, Nate, for making this connection. Thank you, Blaine, for taking the time and welcoming me into your reality tunnel. It was a pleasure, my friend.

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Favorite Quotes:

-        65 minutes – “Finding that path where you experience the struggle that catalyzes the growth that you need is critically important.”

-        82 minutes – “My experience is the aggregation of all these other people’s experiences… Be a conduit of knowledge rather than a dictator or knowledge.”

-        85 minutes – “What do you call someone who names things? A wizard.”

-        109 minute – “There’s a way of being in the world that leads you to walking the path. What is that and how do you do it?”

Topics Covered:

-        4 minutes – We chat about fitness vs movement. Fitness is a subcomponent of movement.

-        6 minutes – Seeds from all over the world coming together in one garden.

-        9 minutes – What lies behind belief systems. I AM THAT I AM. The parallels between the God of Christianity and Islam.

-        14 minutes – Talking about the middle way, balancing the opposites. Taoism and Jung.

-        20 minutes – Talking about the way people respond to me in the van is so circumstantial. Sacred guest rites.

-        30 minutes – The inherent flaw of systems. No systems are perfect. The problem with too many people at 0 and all the wealth accumulated in a small group of elites.

-        35 minutes -  Blaine’s early experience with movement. Swimming in the Ocean and being a part of life.

-        40 minutes – You don’t have ideas; ideas have you. Thinking vs feeling. Working on your inferior function. There are so many

-        45 minutes – Monogomy, hypergamy, and our attempts to understand dating.

-        50 minutes – Who are you outside of your identities? I AM THAT I AM – God’s response to Moses. Reaching flow state and how it teaches you who you are. Psychedelics. Extended periods of solitude. How our ego allows us to interact with the external world.

-        55 minutes – How some people embody a deep sense of presence and vessel and the need for a vessel. Love is infinite so it needs a finite system to embody it. Personality and identity are masks that we wear.

-        60 minutes – The gift of communication. The thought of God. Being a mirror for the people around you. Diversity is resilience.

-        65 minutes – The necessity of struggle in becoming who you could be. Love your monster. Love your darkness.

-        70 minutes – My Ayahuasca story of learning to love darkness. Jung’s
tory of protecting his light and the looming shadow that comes with that. Fear and Love.

-        75 minutes – Resurrecting the father from the underworld. Why do we have murders and rapists? Power dynamics and the relation between play, sex, and aggression.

-        80 minutes – Talking about sharing movement and the relationship between student and teacher. Approaching new information with a beginner’s mind.

-        85 minutes – By describing something, you illuminate that thing. The Logos is that which articulates things and creates meaning. The duality of eros and logos.

-        90 minutes – How the internet works and connects us and the demand that it places on the individual. Levels of consciousness and awareness. Harmony.

Things audience should know:

-        We talk about a lot of abstract ideas. Don’t feel bad if we lose you at times. It’s the nature of this type of conversation.

Links to follow up on his work:

-        Portland, Oregon. Elemental Fitness Lab –


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