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Hello friend,

Finding good deals is tough - especially in this market. You end up spending all your time scouring through the same properties as everyone else instead of making deals and creating cash flow.

Not anymore!

Our services will provide you a great opportunity to get your hands on discounted off-market properties. That means more money in your pockets with less time investment!

We’ve put together a series of questions that will allow us to best serve your needs without wasting any of your time. Only the first three questions are mandatory.

By answering the rest, We begin to work FOR YOU.

We can keep an eye out for the type of properties that you are looking for and take care of all the work of finding and securing them, and notifying you with a comprehensive report of the property.

We look forward to building a relationship and helping you to accomplish your real estate goals.


Josh Nordwick

Josh Nordwick

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