THE BluePRint

With the Mountain Fit Blueprint Package, you will receive:

  • The Mountain Fit app with a new workout progression every 4-8 weeks.

  • My book, Mountain Fit: The Hunter's Fitness, to explain the why behind the training and teach

  • Access to my comprehensive video library with over 100 videos of exercise demonstrations and tutorials.

  • Email support.

This program doesn't have the level of coaching and face time necessary for some people to make a lasting lifestyle transformation. If you don't match these criteria, The Mountain Fit Transformation or Holistic Hunter Coaching will be a better fit for you.

To qualify:

  • You must be on consistent workout routine for at least past 3 months.

  • You can be overweight but not obese.

  • You can’t have any serious joint pain

Ideal for: Anyone already on a consistent workout routine that wants a structured fitness and nutrition program designed for a hunter.



This is a great option for hunters who want to level up their health and wellness through customized nutrition and training plans along with 15-minute accountability calls with me each week.

This program is rooted in the psychology of behavior change. We focus on changing one habit at a time to rewrite your habitual behavior. It creates a great plan of action.

Ideal For: People who want a customized plan and accountability to accomplish their health and fitness goals.

Not Ideal For: People who struggle with food addiction and deeply ingrained limiting beliefs.


Holistic Hunter Coaching


This is life-changing, in the trenches, high-level coaching. It’s designed for current and aspiring hunters who want improve their emotional capacity and develop a deeper connection with their Self, their food, a tribe of like-minded people, wildlife and their environment. It includes:

  • 60-minute weekly coaching sessions with Josh to explore and overcome limiting beliefs that are negatively affecting your health.

  • Mindset Training to help you bring order to your mind and cultivate awareness, intention, mind-body connection, and much more.

  • Movement training that meets you where you are at - weather that’s struggling to get your workouts in, developing a mind-body connection, or becoming a high-level athlete.

  • Mindful Eating and developing a relationship with your food - exploring why you eat the way you do and any areas for improvement.

  • Opportunity to join a Holistic Hunter Camp - spend a week with Josh and the Holistic Hunter Community learning the art of sacred hunting and meat procurement. This experience will change your life.