THE BluePRint - Starting at $99/month

With the Mountain Fit Tools Package, you will receive:

  • The Mountain Fit app with a new workout progression every 4-8 weeks.
  • My book, Mountain Fit: The Hunter's Fitness, to explain the why behind the training and teach you how to use corrective exercise to eliminate nagging pain
  • The cutting-edge nutrition curriculum to transform your diet in a sustainable and simple way. 
  • Access to my comprehensive video library with over 100 videos of exercise demonstrations and tutorials.
  • Email support.

This program doesn't have the level of coaching and face time necessary for MOST people to make a lasting lifestyle transformation. If you don't match these criteria, The Transformation Package will be a better fit for you.To qualify:

  • You must be on consistent workout routine for at least past 3 months.

  • You can be overweight but not obese.

  • You can’t have any serious joint pain

Ideal for: Anyone already on a consistent workout routine that wants a structured fitness and nutrition program designed for a hunter.



Ready for a complete fitness transformation? As your coach, if you do your best to stick with the program, I guarantee results. 

This is the most popular option. It includes everything you will need to transform your health and fitness. I developed a full page that goes in-depth as to how this program works. Click on the green button below to learn more.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to take their fitness and nutrition to the next level while getting the best value for their money. 


'Peak Potential' Mentorship Program - $499/month


I believe that the goal for each individual in life should be to reach their peak potential. This extends far beyond fitness. It includes physical health, mental and emotional health, spiritual connection, and a constant attempt to improve each day.

With the Peak Potential Mentorship Program, you will be guided through healthy lifestyle changes in the areas that you seek improvement.  The focus of this program is COACHING. It's for people that understand the value in having someone to help you along your path - I do, that's why I have two coaches of my own.

This program is an individualized mentorship. It includes all the fitness and nutrition from the Transformation.We can also address anything from:

  • Business/ entrepreneurship - ie, how to combine your skills with your passion to develop a business that supports your lifestyle,
  • Creating self-awareness to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses,
  • Building stronger relationships. Put simply, if your relationships aren't as good as you like, it's your fault. Once you accept this responsibility, you can fix them or build newer and stronger ones.
  • Spirituality + Discovering Meaning. This is something that I've struggled with deeply. I traveled the world learning practices like meditation, yoga, and participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies. Because I've found my answer, I can point you in the direction of finding yours - to be honest, this is the entire focus of this mentorship.

Ideal for: This program simply isn't a good fit for most people. If you're serious about overhauling your life and reaching your peak potential in all areas, this package is built for you.

Email me at with the subject line Mentorship if you want to learn more.