Mountain Fit Workout

This workout is designed to give you a feel of some of the training modalities used in the Mountain Fit Coaching Program. All of these exercises can be progressed for people with a more advanced fitness level or regressed for people with a lower fitness level. For example, a goblet squat could be regressed into a bodyweight squat or progressed into a dual KB squat, barbell front squat, barbell back squat, box squat, or overhead squat depending on the fitness level of the individual.

Breathwork - Primal Breathing

The breathwork is to designed to alter the biochemistry of your body and excite your nervous system to prepare you to have a killer workout.

Joint Mobility

The joint mobility session is designed to increase core temperature, blood flow, and increase the fluidity in your joints to maintain the health of your joints long-term and prepare them to bare weight.

Priming/Mobility (1-2 rounds; 5 reps per side)

The priming/mobility exercises are designed to work similar movement patters to the ones that we will use when we start loading movements with weight.

1) Quadruped Cat/Cow

2) Quadruped Archer

3)Half-Kneeling Shooter

4) Spiderman Lunge

5) Box Drops


The weights section is meant to train the primary movement patterns under load. This creates strength, power, and endurance adaptions. Perform exercises with the same number in a circuit (1a and 1b.) Rest about 30 seconds between sets.

1a) Goblet Squat to Box (4 sets of 8 reps = 4x8)

1b)Supine Lat Pulldown or Pullup (4x8)

2a)Romanian Deadlift (3x10)

2b)Push Up (3x10)

3a)NG Seated Row (3x10)

3b)DB Reverse Lunges (3x10)


The endure section of workouts is meant to train the energy system. This is much more than just cardio. Depending on the needs of the individual, different energy systems need to be trained. In this workout, we’ll work the anaerobic system through interval training.

In this section you’ll set a timer and work for 20 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. Then move to the next exercise. Repeat this until you go through all three exercises 3-5 times.

1)Bear Crawls




The expand session is meant to focus on increasing muscle length and improving range of motion. This prevents you from getting overly tight and developing poor movement patterns that can lead to injury over time.

1)Runner’s Lunge

2) Pidgeon Stretch

3) Pec Stretch

4) Child’s Pose

What Next?

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