The Holistic Hunter Project

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My name is Josh Nordwick.

My mission in life is to bridge the gap between modern lifestyle and the lifestyle that the we have evolved to live.

This gap, also known as evolutionary mismatch, is the primary source of the emotional pain that underlies the outrageous amount of addiction, depression, anxiety, ADHD and suicide in our society.

I believe that a holistic approach is paramount to bridging the gap. That’s why I’m passionate about all issues relating to health and wellness – movement, connection with food and the circle of life, mindset training, stress management and recovery techniques, developing a deeper sense of connection with Self, community and nature, and uncovering and healing past trauma.

Throughout my life, I’ve been fascinated by understanding and solving complex problems. I created Mountain Fit: The Hunter’s Fitness Solution, an online coaching business and book designed to help hunters get fit to elk hunt deep into the backcountry - no easy task. The success of this project gave me the financial freedom and time to explore the world and my own mind.

I created The Reality Tunnels Podcast by converting a Sprinter Van into a mobile podcasting studio and touring across the country interviewing and learning from incredible health and movement coaches, hunters, psychologists and healers.

I’ve reflected on all the lessons that I learned from the Reality Tunnels Podcast and used it on my newest project that I consider to be my life’s work: The Holistic Hunter Project.

The Holistic Hunter Project is a podcast, online coaching program, and hunting camp (and soon to be retreat center) designed to solve the problem of Evolutionary Mismatch and re-connect people to their health, happiness, and wholeness.


Why should you keep reading?

Since I was a child, I’ve been an autodidact with a lifelong obsession with health, movement, psychology, and hunting. How I got here:

  • Trained martial arts as a child from Philosopher and Martial Arts Hall of Famer Jim Harrison - national champion in kickboxing, judo, and karate.

  • Began deeply studying movement and fitness at the age of 15.

  • College football and engineering for two years before a career ending knee injury changed course of life.

  • Coached hundreds of clients through programs combining corrective exercise and unconventional strength training in a warehouse gym. A few of my certification for those that care about letters:

    • NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

    • PN1 – Precision Nutrition ProCoach.

    • BioForce – Certified Conditioning Coach.

  • Created online coaching service, and authored book, Mountain Fit: The Hunter’s Fitness Solution. Coached and guided over 100 clients through program. Lived in Southeast Asia and South America for majority of this period.

  • Converted Sprinter Van into mobile podcasting studio and launched The Reality Tunnels Podcast while touring the USA. Throughout studying:

    • Movement, like the Steel Mace, heavy club training, Vinyasa +Yin Yoga, and loaded asana.

    • Psychology and Jungian Theory

    • Healing of Trauma and Consciousness through Plant Medicines/Entheogens


Why did I create the Holistic Hunter Program?

Throughout my travels of the world and the United States, I noticed a huge amount of sick people. Dis-ease means the lack of being at ease. This is what we face in modern society, a massive population of people not at ease.

There is an epidemic of people trying to cope with their mental and emotional pain through the abuse of drugs and alcohol, television, social media, food, sex, pornography, work, and anything else that they can use as temporary distractions from their pain.

Let’s take a big step back to conceptualize and understand what is going on.

Imagine you are waking up 10,000 years ago in the Rocky Mountain Region of North America.

You are a part of a nomadic tribe of hunter-gathers. You are camped with around 100 people that you’ve known your entire life. You meet all of your human needs working in unison with these people, from food and water, to shelter, reproduction and meaning.

Everyone plays a necessary role in the survival of the group. You’re protected from existential anxiety by traditions and rituals passed down since the beginning of your tribe, which you assume was the beginning of humanity.

This is the natural lifestyle that the human being has evolved to live in. Yet, through technology and progress, we’ve become completely alienated from this natural lifestyle. This separation is wreaking havoc on our physical, mental, ecological, and spiritual health.

Evolutionary Mismatch is the idea that humans evolved for a completely different lifestyle than that which we are currently experiencing. We evolved to live as integral parts of small tribes of hunter-gatherers. Evolutionary Mismatch leads to a whole host of psychological and behavioral problems, that I’ve discussed in the free X-Day Holistic Hunter Email Course (include hyperlink) along with some suggestions on methods to overcome it.

The Holistic Hunter Project is designed to build awareness and help cure the dis-ease caused by Evolutionary Mismatch. It helps individuals to connect deeper with themselves, their ancestors, their community, and their environment.

The Holistic Hunter Coaching program combines modern science with ancient wisdom to help you:

  • Develop a deep connection with your food and the circle of life through sacred hunting

  • Train your body and mind to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible with bodyweight and ancient weapons like the steel mace - modeled off the ancient Gada, and Indian Clubs

  • Help you cultivate and express the repressed energy in your psyche through awareness and mindset training - repressed emotional pain is the root cause of most addiction, depression, anxiety, and suicide.


Who is the Holistic Hunter Program for?

This program is for people who desire to live a deeply connected and healthy life.

It’s for those who wish to create a deeper connection with their Self, their food, their environment, and other humans.

It’s for aspiring hunters who want to get into hunting but don’t know where to start.

It’s for seasoned hunters that want to create a sacred environment around their hunt.

It’s for people that want to heal from past traumas and overcome limiting beliefs.

It’s for people who want to look deeper than the “love + light” facade of new age spirituality to understand their self and human nature.

It’s for people who want to become complete and whole individuals.

It’s for people that want to become better partners, better fathers or future fathers, better members of their community, and better citizens of Earth.

Who is The Holistic Hunter Program not for?

The Holistic Hunter Program requires a lot of deep personal work and is not for everyone.

It’s not for you if you are perfectly happy with the way your life is right now.

It’s not for you if your fear of change overwhelms your courage.

It’s not for you if you are not growth-minded.

It’s not for you if you just want to kill a large animal so that you can brag to your friends.

It’s not for you if don’t want to put in the necessary effort to heal, learn, and grow.

It’s not for you if your health is not a priority.