2019 Holistic Hunting Camp

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Hello Friend,

It’s my honor to invite you to join in the Holistic Hunting Camp that I’ll be hosting in fall of 2019.

As you know, my name is Josh Nordwick. I’ve been hunting elk and whitetail deer my entire life. I harvested my first elk when I was 12 years old and my most recent one this September.

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This hunting camp is designed to bring you into deep connection with yourself, a tribe of hand-selected peers, nature, and the circle of life. You will be hunting whitetail deer in the mountains of Priest River, Idaho.

Due to the nature of these camps, I have a very limited number of spots available. As I’m writing this there are 8 spots available for the Co-Ed Holistic Hunting and Movement Camp taking place November 19th-25th and only 5 spots available for the Men’s Holistic Hunting Camp taking place October 27th to November 2nd. By the time you are reading this, several of these spots have likely been filled.

Human beings have evolved over thousands of generations to live in small nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers. In modern culture, we suffer from a massive amount of disconnection. Most of us are disconnected from nature, other people, the source of our food, even from ourselves.

In the Holistic Hunting Camp, we will step into a more natural way of being. We will connect more deeply with ourselves, a tribe of fellow hunters (experienced and inexperienced), and the

Included in the Program:

  • Shuttle to and from the Spokane Airport on the first and last day of camp

  • 6-Days of lodging + accommodations at Medicine Circle (locally grown and harvested food)

  • 4 - Private Coaching Calls with Josh to prepare for camp (2 before and 2 after)

  • 4 - Group Coaching Calls with Josh and the rest of the tribe (2 before and 2 after)

  • A day at the shooting range with a former Marine who trained snipers

  • 2 - Sweat Lodge Ceremonies to open and close the hunt

  • Daily Sacred Ceremonies to create a more immersive and transformation experience

  • Daily High-level movement classes to help you connect deeper with your body and the environment

  • Tutorials on processing meat

  • Map of the surrounding territory so you know where to hunt

You Need to bring:

  • Rifle/Bow/Crossbow and ammunition to hunt with

  • Sleeping Bag + Pillow + Mat

  • Whitetail Deer Tag for Unit 1 - can be bought over the counter

  • Backpack (with basic supplies like meat bags, knife, flashlight, electric tape, fire-starter, etc.) to haul supplies and meat

Cost: $2500 Paid in Full or 3 payments of $1000

Holistic Hunting Camp
2,500.00 3,000.00

By purchasing now, you’ll secure your spot in the Holistic Hunting Camp. Your card will be charged one time for $2500

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