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From: Josh Nordwick

Dear Friend

Competition in the backcountry is intense and increasing every year.

It used to be that you didn't have to go far from the road to be successful. Now, the competition is pushing the big game deeper and deeper into the mountains.

You can do what most people do. You can sit around and complain about the competition and how hunting is going to hell in a handbasket.

Or, you can work on the things that you have the ability to control, like your fitness. 

I have no time for people that want to sit around and make excuses. I know that your busy... and you've put on 20+ pounds of fat... and you're breathing hard within 30 seconds of hiking uphill... and you've tried 'everything' to get back in shape and nothing has worked.

Look, I'm not trying to be hard on you. I've just been through this process hundreds of times, and I've worked with clients that have all the problems that you do and then some. I've helped these clients make some incredible transformations despite their circumstance.

Hold Up! 
Before you read any further, I want you to take responsibility for your current fitness levels. Regardless of your circumstance, if you take responsibility, you immediately give yourself the power to create change.

Let's Move On,
Now that you've taken responsibility, let's talk about change. Only after taking responsibility can you make true change. I should know, I've spent thousands of hours in the gym helping hundreds of different clients make successful fitness change. Everyone from professional athletes to busy moms to hunters.

I've consolidated all this experience into Mountain Fit: The Hunter's Fitness Solution. This program is the 20% of actions that you can begin taking today that will result in 80% of your results. 

That's right, I've taken into account all of YOUR struggles and created a program for people just like YOU!

"When I first started this program, I didn’t have a lot of experience with weightlifting. I was concerned that I would struggle with technique without having a trainer with me.

Josh provided detailed video and text instructions on how to execute the lifts and answered any questions that I had about them.

I have learned how and what to do in the gym to become a more able mountain hunter. Besides losing weight, gaining endurance and strength, Josh’s program has taught me easy to follow habits to improve my overall fitness through diet and exercise." - Nathan, Utah


"I wasn’t sure if I was 100% up for the challenge, physically or mentally. Sharing this journey with others is hard and nobody wants to be judged.

My main goals were to lose weight and increase my stamina. Josh was very motivating and always positive with his responses, whether it was to a triumph or a shortfall.

In 10 weeks, I lost 24 pounds. I went from doing 1-2 mile ruck marches with 20 pounds, to 7-8 mile ruck marches with 55 pounds. I’m disappointed this program is over! But it’s the start of a better life for me!!" - Armando, California


"Since we were total strangers, allowing Josh to have control of my fitness routine was a little tough at first. Josh did a great job of answering my questions and concerns.

My top 2 goals were fat loss and endurance. Endurance has always been a struggle. I dropped 13 pounds and double digit inches. I’ve steadily increased my pack weight from 20 pounds to 60 pounds for my hikes.

I was also able to figure out my macros in a way that has kept my energy up and the fat coming off. I would say I’m 90% there with fine tuning my food. The program also increased my flexibility.

I liked the fact that as a group, we could privately express our concerns, struggles, accomplishments, goals etc. with others doing the same. It helps keep you accountable and motivated."   Cheryl, Virgina


"When I started the program, I didn’t know how I would find the time to complete the workouts. I had tried to put a program together by myself, but it never went anywhere. This program showed me where to start.

In 10 weeks, I lost 15 pounds and felt myself getting stronger. I went from doing 3 sets of 5 push ups to 3 sets of 30 push ups." - Ryan, Ohio


  1. "I'm willing to put in the work. I just need a plan that I am confident in - one that was designed for me."
  2. "I don't need someone to hold my hand but I would like direction with my fitness so that I'm not wasting my time."


  • Prepare you to pack a backpack full of meat out of the mountains on your back.
  • Increase your energy levels so that exercise doesn't 'suck' anymore. 

  • Let you forget about counting calories. Learn 10 minor nutritional changes that will completely transform your physique. These easy changes helped one program tester lose 24 pounds in 10 weeks.

  • Prevent you from huffing and puffing your way up the mountain. Learn how to get in top notch cardiovascular conditioning WITHOUT jogging.

  • Show you the root problem that is leading to your nagging lower back, knee, or shoulder pain. With three easy to perform assessments, you'll find the source and be provided a corrective exercise circuit to correct the muscular imbalance.

  • Explain why 'just stretch' is terrible advice. If you stretch the wrong muscles, you might just be making the problem worse. Learn the right stretches that will take your flexibility to the next level.

  • Teach you how to turn your hands into the ultimate portion size measurement tools. You'll never need a food scale again.

  • Learn how to create stakes that force you to stick with fitness change even when your not motivated.

  • Provide you with incredible social support. Research is clear. Social support is one of the most important factors to successful change. Mountain Fit comes with access to a private community filled with supportive members with the same goals as you.

  • Provide you with 6 Goal-Setting Criteria that will drive you to succeed in your fitness journey. Don't follow the criteria and you're setting yourself up for failure.


In an effort to provide my clients with my utmost attention, on Friday, January 6th at 11:59 PM PST, I'll be closing registration for Mountain Fit. I am serious about providing my focused attention to my clients - rather than constantly trying to find more. If you want to transform your fitness level, click the button below to join the program now.

  1. 10-week Training Program - consisting of two 5-week phases
  2. 86 Page Ebook - this will be your guide to the program (takes about an hour and a half to read)
  3. 10 Nutritional Habits - you'll incorporate these one at a time at your own pace
  4. 3 Self-Assessments and Corrective Exercise Circuits - to eliminate that nagging pain
  5. Private Community of Like-Minded Hunters
  6. Cutting Edge MTN FIT Mobile App - all your workouts on your phone
  7. Access to Exercise Video Library - each exercise will come with a video of me demonstrating
  8. Fundamentals of Midline Stability Video Series - learn proper technique to avoid injury
  9. Bonus: Backcountry Nutrition Guide ($49 value) - A guide to nutrition for when you need to keep your pack light
  10. Bonus: The Hunter's Guide to Nervous System Training ($79 value) - This will teach you how to handle extreme cold, eliminate buck fever, and increase your metabolism and energy levels.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a gym to do these workouts?

  • A gym is recommended for the two full body weight workouts each week - the other workout can easily be done without a gym. This program calls for dumbbells, a barbell, a cable rack, a band, and a medicine ball. All of this can be found at 95% of gyms. If you don't have one specific piece of equipment, you can substitute a similar exercise - I provide these for any exercise that might be difficult. If there is any exercise that you are unable to perform, you can post on the group page, and I'll set you up with a similar exercise.

2. What if I have an injury?

  • This program is designed for people that are healthy - nagging low back, shoulder, or knee pain is not a big deal. If you've recently experienced a chronic injury or illness, please consult a doctor or physical therapist before beginning this program.

3. How do I download the MTN FIT app?

  • As soon as your payment is processed by Skype, you'll receive an email with a link to download the app. The program will be preloaded onto the app. You'll be ready to start the following Monday. There is no additional charge for the app. 

4. I don't want to just pack on a bunch of muscle. Will this program make me bulky?

  • No. Putting on muscle is very difficult and doesn't happen 'accidentally.' Weather you add weight or lose weight will be more of a function of your diet. Any muscle that you add will be lean and functional.

5. I don't want to lose weight. I'm already skinny. Can I put on muscle with this program?

  • Absolutely. The book will detail how to choose nutritional habits so that you add muscle instead of losing weight. Just avoid the habits labeled 'fat loss.'

6. If you have any questions, please email me at I'll get a response to you as soon as possible.


Committed to your success,


Josh Nordwick