Mountain Fit: Steel Mace Movement and Mindset

This revolutionary coaching program will carry over to all areas of your life, from hunting to playing with your kids to eliminating those nagging aches and pains so that you get lean, athletic, and Mountain Fit. Guaranteed!

*We are only taking on 25 total clients for this program, so if you find that it’s a good fit for you, pull the trigger now to secure your position*

This Program IS for you IF:

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  • You’re looking to make a fitness transformation

  • You want to tone up and shred that nagging fat

  • You want your body to feel better than it has since you were competing in athletics

  • You want to build functional strength that will make you adaptable to whatever nature throws at you

  • You want to train for longevity and the ability to do the things you love into old age

  • You want to have the ability to train from anywhere in any amount of time

  • You want to LOVE and look forward to your workouts

  • You want to activate your inner warrior energy and have it transfer over to all other areas of your life

This program is NOT for you IF:

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  • You want to maintain the status quo

  • You don’t want to be leaner, more agile, and more athletic

  • You want to keep adding a few more pounds of fat each year

  • You are afraid of swinging an ancient weapon

  • You enjoy watching people obsess over their own reflection in the mirror at the gym

  • You’d rather pile up excuses about why you can’t find the time instead of MAKING the time

With the Mountain Fit Steel Mace Package, you will receive everything that you need for life-lasting successful fitness journey including:

  • Access to the Mountain Fit mobile app with over 60 steel mace videos and over 100 videos on foundational exercise.

  • New Steel Mace workout progression every 6-8 weeks

  • Josh’s book, Mountain Fit: The Hunter's Fitness Solution (click title to learn more), to explain the why behind the training, transform your nutrition habits, and teach you how to use corrective exercise to eliminate nagging pain.

  • Access to the Private Mountain Fit Facebook Group for form reviews

  • Email Support and Accountability from Josh

Modern Science - Ancient Weapon


The Steel Mace is modeled after the ancient gada, a weapon swung by Hindu Warrior God Hanuman. Hanuman was worshipped for his strength and power by wrestlers and warriors.

The gada was a weapon of war and martial arts with a 3000 plus year history of activating the inner warrior archetype.


This steel mace training program is scientifically designed around the 3 T’s (RMAX - CST): Torque, Traction and Tri-planar Movement.

Torque - force x distance from mid-line of body - is what happens when you have the weight at a distance from the mid-line of your body. It forces you to develop an extremely strong core which will protect you from injury and turn you into a pack mule on the mountain.

Traction is the centripical force that creates a pulling and lengthening effect on your joint capsules and the surrounding muscles, instead of the packing effect that comes with conventional movements like the bench press. Technical jargon aside, this will help you develop healthy and powerful shoulders for life!

Tri-planar Movement means that we will be training in all three planes of motion that the body is designed to move through.

Combining lateral and rotational movement

Combining lateral and rotational movement

Anti-Rotation during a 360

Anti-Rotation during a 360

  • The sagitaal plane - forward/backward movement- is overly emphasized in most programs simply because its the easiest plane to train with conventional tools like dumbbells and barbells.

  • The lateral plane - side-to-side movement - allows us to begin to move from lifting weights to functional strength with real-world carryover.

  • The transverse plane - rotational and anti-rotational movement - open up the body to become fully functional, athletic, strong and Mountain Fit. Think about throwing a rock, punch or kick; swinging a bat or club; resisting a wrestling take down; catching your balance when you trip on a mountain trail; pulling back a bow.

I Promise: You will LOVE your workouts

You will experience a psychological phenomena known as flow state that will help you to fall in love with your workouts and look forward to them all day. Flow State is the state of optimal human experience where:

  • Awareness and Action merge into one

  • Senses are completely engaged in the task at hand

  • The activity is done for it’s own sake rather than some future goal

  • We lose our sense of self-consciousness

  • Our minds and bodies become increasingly more complex and capable

What does this guy know that you don’t?

What does this guy know that you don’t?

And just a little mystery..

Various forms of breathwork, guided visualization, and active imagination allow you to enter into altered states of consciousness to reach flow state and activate your inner warrior energy.

Requirements to get a spot in the program: 

Here’s an example of a Flow that you’ll be able to perform by the Level 3 of the program.

*All these are 8-10 week transformations. Imagine what you will accomplish in 6 months!

*All these are 8-10 week transformations. Imagine what you will accomplish in 6 months!

"I dropped 14 pounds of fat in just 8 weeks. Now my pants fit again!

I've increased reps/weight on every exercise; hiking time, distance, elevation gain, and pack weight; energy levels throughout the day." - Calvin, Oregon





"When I first started this program, I didn’t have a lot of experience with weightlifting. I was concerned that I would struggle with technique without having a trainer with me.

Josh provided detailed video and text instructions on how to execute the lifts and answered any questions that I had about them.

I have learned how and what to do in the gym to become a more able mountain hunter. Besides losing weight, gaining endurance and strength, Josh’s program has taught me easy to follow habits to improve my overall fitness through diet and exercise." - Nathan, Utah


"I wasn’t sure if I was 100% up for the challenge, physically or mentally. Sharing this journey with others is hard and nobody wants to be judged.

My main goals were to lose weight and increase my stamina. Josh was very motivating and always positive with his responses, whether it was to a triumph or a shortfall.

In 10 weeks, I lost 24 pounds. I went from doing 1-2 mile ruck marches with 20 pounds, to 7-8 mile ruck marches with 55 pounds. I’m disappointed this program is over! But it’s the start of a better life for me!!" - Armando, California

How it works:

  1. You fill out the payment link below. For a limited time, It’s only $99/month for 6 months. That works out to be just over $3/day - about what you spend on a cup of coffee.

  2. I receive payment confirmation and within 24 hours send you an email with a link to a welcome packet, the book and the app.

  3. We work together to help you get life-changing results like Calvin, Nathan, Armando and hundreds of other clients that I've worked with.

Til February 19th at 12am PST, pay in full and get 50% off the normal price!

Ancient Weapon for the Modern Hunter
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We prefer to work with people who take inspired action. If as you read this, you feel a visceral response in the body, a compulsion to join, then do it.

That is literally your body’s way of telling you that this is something that you NEED to do.

Action is what will create change in your life. Here’s the link. It works out to be less than $2 per day. Let’s do this!

Ancient Weapon for the Modern Hunter
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