Mountain Fit Tools Package

With the Mountain Fit Tools Package, you will receive all the tools that you need for life-lasting successful fitness journey including:

  • Access to the Mountain Fit mobile app
  • A new workout progression every 4-8 weeks
  • My book, Mountain Fit: The Hunter's Fitness Solution (click title to learn more), to explain the why behind the training, transform your nutrition habits, and teach you how to use corrective exercise to eliminate nagging pain
  • Access to my comprehensive video library with over 150 videos of exercise demonstrations, tutorials, and mini-courses
  • Access to the Private Mountain Fit Facebook Group
  • Email Support

You'll also get access to the cutting edge nutrition curriculum.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to make a life-long fitness transformation without making a huge investment. 

Requires: 6-12 month commitment and discipline. These are changes that are designed to last a lifetime and be as easy to follow as possible.  It requires the discipline to do your habits and workouts.


*All these are 8-10 week transformations. Imagine what you will accomplish in 6-12 months.

*All these are 8-10 week transformations. Imagine what you will accomplish in 6-12 months.

"I dropped 14 pounds of fat in just 8 weeks. Now my pants fit again!

I've increased reps/weight on every exercise; hiking time, distance, elevation gain, and pack weight; energy levels throughout the day." - Calvin, Oregon





"When I first started this program, I didn’t have a lot of experience with weightlifting. I was concerned that I would struggle with technique without having a trainer with me.

Josh provided detailed video and text instructions on how to execute the lifts and answered any questions that I had about them.

I have learned how and what to do in the gym to become a more able mountain hunter. Besides losing weight, gaining endurance and strength, Josh’s program has taught me easy to follow habits to improve my overall fitness through diet and exercise." - Nathan, Utah


"I wasn’t sure if I was 100% up for the challenge, physically or mentally. Sharing this journey with others is hard and nobody wants to be judged.

My main goals were to lose weight and increase my stamina. Josh was very motivating and always positive with his responses, whether it was to a triumph or a shortfall.

In 10 weeks, I lost 24 pounds. I went from doing 1-2 mile ruck marches with 20 pounds, to 7-8 mile ruck marches with 55 pounds. I’m disappointed this program is over! But it’s the start of a better life for me!!" - Armando, California

How it works:

  1. You fill out the payment link below.
  2. I receive payment confirmation and within 24 hours send you an email with a link to a welcome packet, the book, nutrition curriculum and the app.
  3. We work together to help you get life-changing results like Calvin, Nathan, Armando and hundreds of other clients that I've worked with.